Open innovation
for a bright future.

Join us and apply your talent to drive the change you want to see.


We practice open innovation to achieve impact at scale.

We practice open innovation to build on each other’s knowledge.

We practice open innovation to drive positive change.

We leverage diversity to create powerful solutions.

We explore wild ideas and challenge beliefs.

We radically collaborate to use everyone’s unique talents.

We put the power to do good in the hands of many.

We leverage diversity to create powerful solutions.


We provide a participatory stage where you can apply your talent to drive positive change.

How do you want to participate?


Start a do-good initiative and lead the way to a bright future.

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Apply your expertise to advance a project for a better future.

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Support a project with co-creation space, resources, or publicity.

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Capture the soul of a project with your storytelling qualities.

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About us

Open innovation for a bright future

We are in pursuit of thriving humanity within the sustainable means available to our planet. A world in which people have equal opportunity to shape a bright future.

We aim to inspire, mobilise and empower people to apply their talents to drive positive change. With our open innovation platform for collective change-making we strive to achieve social impact at scale.

“We practice open innovation to achieve impact at scale.”

What we do

We set up and coordinate open innovation collaborations that boost your do-good initiative.

Open innovation project

We set up and carry out a do-good project from ideation to delivery.

Open innovation sprint

We test big assumptions with user-validated prototypes within days.

Accelerator session

We leverage all available brainpower in a room to move forward on key topics.

Open innovation scan

We discover how open innovation can support your organisation’s mission.

How we work

We team up for change.

Together we productively collaborate toward social impact.


We explore how open innovation can advance your do-good initiative.


We formulate a do-good project with clear ambition and scope.


We mobilise the required people and resources to start the project.


We co-create a solution with our community of changemakers.

Enhance & scale up

We improve and scale up a solution that delivers value in our society.


Meet our team in pursuit of a bright future.
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Wouter Smeets
Myriam Hadnes
Workshop designer
Mike van Spall
Liesbet De Rouck
Community lead


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