for a bright future.

We empower changemakers to make a dent in our universe.

Help me drive change

We help you move forward with focus.

We help you become an innovator.

We accelerate your project.

We practice open innovation to drive positive change.

We practice open innovation to achieve impact at scale.

We practice open innovation to build on each other’s knowledge.

We explore wild ideas and challenge beliefs.

We leverage diversity to create powerful solutions.

We radically collaborate to use everyone’s unique talents.

We put the power to do good in the hands of many.

We practice open innovation to achieve impact at scale.

About us

Innovation for a bright future

We are in pursuit of an open-minded and sustainably thriving society where people have equal opportunity to shape a bright future.

With our innovation expertise we empower changemakers and accelerate projects that drive that change.



Do you want to advance a rough idea or an already operational solution?

Our solutions cover all stages of solution development and are here to help you move forward faster!

Scan & coach

We help you get a crystal clear understanding of essential next steps, so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters.

Help me move forward with focus >


We help your project or organisation move forward as fast and resource-effective as possible, so you can drive positive change.

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We share our extensive knowledge on innovation and empower you to directly apply those insights to accelerate your own project.

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Open & co-innovation

We join forces and innovate together with our community of changemakers to accelerate and achieve impact at scale.

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Our latest and greatest.

Our approach

We team up for change.

We combine your subject matter expertise with our innovation expertise.

Our innovation professionals have extensive expertise in methodologies such as agile, lean, design thinking and many more. As methodologies are not a one-size-fits-all, we make sure to apply or educate the methodologies you need to effectively move forward in your situation.

Reach out

Say hello and plan a conversation to let us know what you are working on.


We check if your project qualifies and define which of our solutions meets your needs.


We set up our solution in close cooperation with you to fit to your specific situation.


We deliver our solution with our community of changemakers.


We look back to learn how we did and determine how we can keep helping you move forward.

We would love to get to know you!

Every month we organize free events to help social projects move forward with our community of changemakers.


Meet our team in pursuit of a bright future.

Feel free to reach out if you want to work with us!

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