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well-being society.

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We inspire you to see our world in new ways.

We challenge beliefs

We spark your imagination

We connect people with different beliefs

We explore wild ideas

We leverage diversity to create powerful solutions.

We spark your imagination


The well-being economy

How to innovate toward a participatory well-being economy in our interconnected, global and rapidly changing world?

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A participatory society

How to create an engaged society where every person has the same opportunity to participate and shape our future?

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Shifting the paradigm

Is our current normal in society actually that normal? How could we live, think and interact in different ways that help us move forward?

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Understanding bias

We help raise awareness about the biological, sociological and economical system bias that shapes our beliefs and way of thinking.

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About us

We are in business to speed up towards
an inclusive well-being society.

We are building a forward looking think-and-do tank including diverse backgrounds, expertises and perspectives to pave the way towards a multi-value economy that works for all. We experiment to create the organization of the future and inspire others to follow our lead.

With our practical approach and extensive expertise in innovation, business, facilitation and crowdsourcing our dream-driven team of professionals helps you to become a key contributor to the well-being economy. 

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Active open-mindedness

To learn is more important than to be right. We challenge our own beliefs and are in active pursuit of other perspectives.

Perpetual sense-making.

We are continuous learners amidst ongoing change, learning from everything and everyone nonstop.

High on hope

In a society of disconnect and fears we choose to act from a positive place of hope, curiosity and fun.

Empower for impact

We bridge the gap from theory to practice to put the power to understand, act and transform in the hands of many.

Continuous curiosity



Wouter Smeets
Founder & vision lead
Thomas Steigenga
Creative lead
Lisa Dempsey
Leadership coach
Mike van Spall
Innovation expert

We share our knowledge and tools in online events to put the power to do good in the hands of many.

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