Thomas Steigenga

Thomas joined Glimpse to put his money where his mouth is.

He brings in a creative edge on one end and a thorough execution on the other.

His main mission is to translate cutting-edge ideas into concrete action plans that will help us build a world that brings out the good in people.

He likes to tap into the wisdom, skills and strength of the crowd wherever he can and move together, rather than alone.

Coming from a diverse background that covers engineering, co-creation, creative workshops and experience design, he likes to draw links between seemingly unrelated fields to find novel and creative solutions.

He likes to invite people into this process and apply their collective imagination and analytical strength to bring complex topics to a clear narrative.

If he’s not in the rock climbing gym, he’s probably discussing reshaping democracy with Wouter or setting up a co-creative conference for p2p learning. Otherwise, contact him here.

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