A participatory society

How to create an engaged society where every person has the same opportunity to participate and shape our future together?

Our globalizing world lays our differences under a magnifying glass while feigning bringing us closer together. As our cities, organizations and governments grow in density, diversity and complexity, understanding each other becomes elemental for shaping our future together, and vice versa. We need to nurture open minds, able to voice opinions in thoughtful ways and listen to different ideas - uninhibited by a need to judge. Open minds that can develop a (decentralized) roadmap of small actionable steps towards a future supported by unanimous consent. A future shaped by enthusiasm, marked by commitment and defined by inclusion.

Glimpse is excited to bring its expertise, skills and enthusiasm into play to help you move forward in this process. Inspiration from emerging trends in citizens assemblies, decentralization and participation is combined with our own experience in participatory organisation, co-innovation and collaborative change management. We offer a set of tools, expertise and processes to empower and align diverse crowds around a shared underlying intention. Elements of play and seriousness are applied in equal amounts to maintain a nourishing experience while making serious steps.

Do you share our dream for a shared future? Are you drawn by our enthusiasm for participation? Let Glimpse help you set up a participatory experiment or share our current expertise. Let’s assemble to build a system enabling its people to build it. Get in touch!

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