Understanding bias

We are sense-makers that are excited to work in service of open dialogue by uncovering the bias that shapes our beliefs and ways of thinking.

There is just so much we can learn from and with each other. Ongoing technological advancements are making us evermore powerful. As we can now shape the world to our liking it is paramount that we constructively discuss what kind of world we actually want to build.

Yet open dialogue sometimes seems harder than ever in a rapidly changing, globally connected and distrusting society where it’s increasingly difficult to tell fake from real.

With our multi-disciplinary team of experts we help you navigate this wicked world by helping you understand how biological, sociological, cultural and economical system bias shapes our beliefs and ways of thinking.

To become an independent, autonomous and continuous learner that is open up to new perspectives.

  • In co-creation workshops we inspire you to dive deep into biases related to your organisation, team and yourself so that you can open up to more effective new ways of being, working and interacting.
  • We share our expertise in keynotes, interactive workshops and masterclasses to create awareness about bias and help you move forward to free yourself from it.
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