Multi-use offshore farm from the future

Offshore energy production plays a vital role in our energy transition, but the available space in the North Sea is scarce.

How can we make better use of the available space at offshore windfarms to maximise energy and food production?

For this goal we brought together a diverse group of professionals from different organisations in an open innovation sprint to ideate, design, build and test novel multi-use offshore farms concepts. The resulting prototype offshore farm from the future consisted of wind energy, floating solar panels and seaweed production.

During a demonstration of the prototype in the offshore basin we acquired feedback from 80 diverse experts (government, research institutions, industry, operations, universities) and mapped the way forward to a future with multi-use offshore farms.

In this inspiring project Glimpse designed and facilitated the innovation sprint and mapped the way forward by acquiring expert feedback on the created prototype.

Sustainable Development Goals
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