Share a glimpse February 28th 2019

Share a glimpse

Share a glimpse is an energetic monthly gathering of our Glimpse community where we give 3 changemakers with do-good projects a stage to introduce their vision and challenges they face.

As a participant you will brainstorm in small teams to help overcome the challenges the changemakers are facing to move their business or idea forward. You also get a chance to meet and collaborate with likeminded inspiring people, and experience our problem-solving techniques first hand. Content is created by artists from different backgrounds to maximise exposure for do-good initiatives, while we also mobilise people and resources to keep moving forward after our session.

Our changemakers during this edition:

Lana Jelenjev: Leadership for women
Ted Munter: Mentor program for latin American and African students
Laurent Staartjes: Participative democracy for long-staying international citizens

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